“The session was really marvellous and far more powerful than I expected. I have found myself mulling over a few things I haven’t really been thinking about for a while and it has made me think differently and it’s been enjoyably reflective.  I have even shared my thoughts and board with my friends and family.  It is like committing to my goals and I think the act of cutting out pictures and making the collage is really subtle but effective, particularly when structured with the exercises and the sharing.  Thank you so much!”
Reena, Birthday Celebration, London, May 2019

“Lara’s Vision Board Workshop is nothing short of magic! We were lucky enough to have Lara present her powerful work during a four part workshop series called Living an Intentional Life. Even though we had a condensed version of her workshop the impact was still immense. We all left the evening feeling focused, inspired, motivated and clearer. Most of all we learned an amazing new tool we can now use to kick off each year!”
Christine Elliot, Manager, Lululemon Guildford, Group Workshop, May 2019

“Your Vision Board course far exceeded my expectations. Not just the chance to visualise my thoughts in hard copy with a board, but more importantly time to truly reflect and work out what I want from life. The process of flicking through magazines was so relaxing and I even found a sense of calm in applying glue to paper and planning where to stick each image - almost a meditative experience. Who knew such a sense of calm would come from this course and such a feeling of clarity and positivity. I am so grateful, thank you.”
Emma, Sunbury, February 2019

“I came away with clarity and focus, buoyed by my vision and the energy you created in the room.”
Amanda, Godalming, February 2019

“Attending Lara's vision boards workshop provides the opportunity to dedicate some quality, focussed thinking time and clarify all of your aspirational thoughts, to define your goals for the year ahead. It was enjoyable to meet and connect with a group of people and hear their own musings in life. Having the vision board at home to reflect on, develop and put into action is an evocative and powerful tool.”
Karen, Oxfordshire, January 2019

“I had the best time on Lara’s Vision Board Workshop. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since and have my board in pride of place in my office. I have already started actioning some of my goals. The whole day flowed beautifully and made total sense. The meditation at the start set the scene perfectly and I absolutely loved searching for the images, so therapeutic and magical how they all seemed to slot together. All in all a fantastic day with great results and a wonderful time spent working on me for a change!”
Rebecca, Guildford, January 2019

"I am pleased to tell you, that some of the goals on my board have already manifested! The workshop was great, as it gave me the space and the time to think about my life, my feelings and my goals. I was surprised how much clearer I got the more time I spent thinking about what I wanted out of life. Filling in the forms in the run-up to the workshop helped a lot, as did the exercise in the workshop. The process of creating the vision board itself almost felt like a meditation, which was great. I would have never thought a vision board being such a powerful thing!" 
Sabin, Petworth, June 2018

"A truly enlightening experience. Lara has a delightful way of allowing you to put down your real dreams and goals. The Vision Board is like a mantra, a way of cutting out the noise and focussing on your long held but often unspoken hopes. Lara is living proof that a vision board is effective and her enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for showing me a new way to focus and thrive."
Nyree, Guildford, May 2018

"My vision boarding day with Lara was the best day I have spent on myself in I don’t know how long! Taking the time out to get some clarity on my life as a busy, single mum with two young girls and a lot of dreams in my head was just the tonic I needed to get me on my path towards achieving those dreams.  Lara is inspiring, kind, thoughtful and encouraging in equal measures and the workshop she offers is fantastic and super organised.  I can’t recommend it enough."
Sarah, Cobham, April 2018

"The day was truly inspiring, extremely productive and very enjoyable.  The positive atmosphere you created with your warmth, expertise and empathy made everyone relax and open to change. I have come away focused on where to direct my energy and with a belief that my Vision Board aspirations are doable. In addition, I have very happy memories of a day well spent." 
Karen, London, February 2018

"The Vision Board Workshop was absolutely worth every penny, very well organised and one of the best workshops I have ever attended.  I found the entire day to be reflective, thought provoking and inspiring, it helped me clarify what is important in my life.  Lara’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped me to create a Vision Board that reflects the goals I want to achieve. We rarely, if ever take time out of our busy lives to concentrate on ourselves and think about turning our dreams into reality, I feel attending the workshop gave me that time and space, thank you!"
Bridget, Guildford, February 2018

"Lara is a true inspiration. I haven't attended one of her workshops yet (although I really want to!), but virtually and on the phone, she has helped me define my professional goals and find clarity in my thinking. She brings excitement to what she does which is infectious.  Since working with her - I've formulated my goals and had a complete paradigm shift within my thinking - helping me get the confidence I needed to start to make my dreams a reality. Not only do I now believe in myself - others are believing it too and I have just got the job I was so keen on getting. Thanks Lara!"
Remeny, Chesham, April 2018

"Attending Vision Boards Surrey’s workshop last week gave me the opportunity to set aside some time to focus on me, something that I don’t do very often. I learnt so much about myself, my ambitions and my personal journey. I have come away feeling excited about the future and what it may hold for me. I would highly recommend that everyone attends one of these workshops sooner or later, you will leave full of ideas and with a clear vision of how to make your dreams a reality.”
Grace, Guildford, March 2018

"The workshop opened up the possibility of living without fear." . "I had a day just to think about me and contemplate what I want in life.  It made it seem more possible." . "This was time for myself, to think about my life and what really matters." . "I had time to reconnect with myself and I now have a new positive mental attitude to go home with!" . "Inspirational. Fun. Eye-opening." . "I got clear about my plans for the next year.  I enjoyed making the board which was relaxing, like a meditation."

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Time to think.  Time to prioritise.  Time to dream.  Time to breathe. Time to plan.