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Time to think.  Time to prioritise.  Time to dream.  Time to breathe. Time to plan. Time to laugh.


My Vision Board Workshops are a day away from your busy lives, with like minded people,
in a vibrant environment to think all about you for a day.

A day where we will be exploring and getting clear on the vision of your life... your aspirations, dreams and goals in different areas of your life, such as career, health and fitness, relationships and adventure etc.

By the end of the day you will be clear on what you want your life to really look like; you will have cleared any blocks and fear that you may have from achieving your goals. You will have created a vision of your new life. You will feel more happy and confident.

Finally, you will have created your very own Vision Board which represents your goals, vision and the life you are going to have. You will take your board home with you and it will remind you every day what that new life looks like.

Vision Boarding is simple and fun and you don't have to be artistic to give it a go; you just need to have some dreams.


MONDAY 11TH FEBRUARY 2019 - 7.00PM TO 9.00PM

SATURDAY 16th FEBRUARY 2019 - 9.30AM to 1.30PM

SUNDAY 17th FEBRUARY 2019 - 9.30AM to 5.00PM

Email Lara at or ring me on 07817247727 to make an enquiry or a booking.

“I had the best time on Lara’s Vision Board Workshop. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since and have my board in pride of place in my office. I have already started actioning some of my goals. The whole day flowed beautifully and made total sense. The meditation at the start set the scene perfectly and I absolutely loved searching for the images, so therapeutic and magical how they all seemed to slot together. All in all a fantastic day with great results and a wonderful time spent working on me for a change!”

“A truly enlightening experience. Lara has a delightful way of allowing you to put down your real dreams and goals. The Vision Board is like a mantra, a way of cutting out the noise and focusing on your long held but often unspoken hopes. Lara is living proof that a vision board is effective and her enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for showing me a new way to focus and thrive”

Time to think.  Time to prioritise.  Time to dream.  Time to breathe. Time to plan. Time to laugh.