........you will leave full of ideas and with a clear vision of how to make your dreams a reality


  • A Vision Board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal; it can be a board of any size, shape and colour on which you display images that represent what you want to achieve in life.

  • Most of us only have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. But they remain just that: fleeting. Who has the time to intentionally get clear about what we want to create?

  • Everyone from Katy Perry & Ellen Degeneres to Oprah Winfrey swears that they intentionally created outcomes by using a simple tool: A Vision Board

  • A Vision Board is a way to sell your own ideas to yourself, to anchor to your dreams and to allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life.

  • It’s about first getting clear on your authentic life, letting go of what’s in the way and then clearly connecting with your goals whilst designing a vision that calls to you.

  • My workshops give you the space that you need to intentionally define your goals and create a vision of what you want your life to really look like over the next year and beyond.

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Time to think.  Time to prioritise.  Time to dream.  Time to breathe. Time to plan.